Food News: Dan Barber’s “How I Fell In Love with a Fish”


Veta La Palma: Sustainable Aquaculture in the South of Spain
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2009 Jame’s Beard award winning Chef, Dan Barber, captivates his audience during his motivational TED Talk (scroll down to watch). His humorous love story with a fish, simultaneously tackling a more serious issue in the food world, sustainability. Barber raises the question: “how can chef’s today keep fish on their menus?” It seems like such a simple question, however, it is much more complex than I ever expected.

It surprised me to find out that the fishing industry in America has become just as corrupt as the rest of our food industry. It has gone almost unnoticed that for the last half a century we have been depleting populations of fish by over fishing.

Celebrity chefs attend James Beard Awards

Chef Dan Barber
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Aquaculture, or fish farming, has increased in recent years as a possible resolution to the over fishing crisis. Controversially, it produces an unsustainable product. Not to mention that the farming environments for fish leads to pollution and a mediocre final product. (The taste of farmed fish is often compromised.)

These fish farms are our current resolution to the over-fishing crisis. However, once Dan Barber learned that the fish he was purchasing were not sustainable, he went on a pursuit to find genuine, sustainable fish. His quest for sustainability brought him all the way to Spain, where he found an innovative fish farm that uses “a revolutionary farming method”. To learn more about his incredible endeavor for a sustainable fishing solution you watch this TED Talk!

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