Light Lunch



I was intrigued after watching Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa episode where her and her husband were enjoying a ploughman lunch inspired by her trip to England.  I realized that the snack-style eating of a ploughman’s style lunch is similar to how my family likes to eat on the weekends and in the summer.

At my house, we like to leave healthy plates of snacks on the counter top during the afternoon instead of eating a heavy lunch.  These plates include parings like fruit and yogurt, vegetables and hummus, and crackers and cheese.

I decided to take the idea of a ploughman’s style lunch and put together a platter of food that my family enjoys eating the most. I included a fresh French baguette, a block of Muenster cheese along with some left over sharp cheddar, a block of Boursin cheese, some maple glazed ham, a Farmhouse chutney, a bunch of grapes, a Granny smith apple and a Bartlet pear.

Traditionally a ploughman’s style lunch is served in English pubs with beer.  The essential components in a ploughman’s lunch are cheese, chutney and bread. Oftentimes, however, they will include fruits and vegetables, pickled onions, and boiled eggs.

The popular dish in England emerged during an age of industrialization as a pleading effort to preserve the connection with food to farms. We are in a similar situation today with our food industry in America because we are so far removed from our food sources.  This simple, light lunch is the perfect way to enjoy a farm-to-table meal.


 Ploughman's Style Lunch

Serves 6-8


1 French baguette

1 block of Muenster or sharp cheddar cheese (I used a combination of the two)

1 block of Boursin cheese

1/4 lb of maple glazed ham

1/4 c. of Chutney

1 medium bunch of grapes

1 Granny Smith apple (chopped)

1 Bartlet pear (chopped)


Arrange all the ingredients on a cutting board.  Start by rolling the slices of ham up and spearing them with a toothpick. Then, place the chutney in a bowl with a serving knife or spoon.  Rip the baguette into portioned pieces.  Then, arrange the cheese, grapes, and slices of apples and pears around the remaining cutting board.