Fig and Gorgonzola Flatbreads


When I was younger, I was always teased for liking what kids called “old lady fig cookies” at school.  I didn’t care; they were my brothers’ and my favorite.  To this day I still love them and I’ve started to use fresh figs in my cooking.  Recently, I experimented with figs on a flatbread.

Figs come in an abundance of varieties ranging in color from purple, brown, to green. In the ancient world figs were considered to be sacred and a symbol of peace and prosperity. Catholic missionaries from Spain introduced figs to America, which is why the most popular variety is called a mission fig. 

Fresh figs are delicious raw, however, they can also be enjoyed baked or poached. Fresh figs have a soft flesh filled with tiny seeds.  They are perishable and they should be eaten the day that you purchase them.  If they are slightly under ripened they should last a couple of days in the refrigerator, but keep in mind that they do not store well.

Figs are an excellent source of calcium, iron and phosphorous. Definitely worth adding to your dinner plate.  But don’t worry if you don’t like figs, you can adapt the following recipe by adding roasted butternut squash or apples in place of them.

Flatbreads are such a versatile dinner option throughout the year. I especially like them during the spring and summer. In the summer, I often throw them on the grill.  They make a quick dinner if you are short on time or need to use up your leftovers.  A lot of times I use up leftover chicken and roasted vegetables with a sprinkling of cheese and olive oil on top.  This Gorgonzola and fig flatbread is a perfect light spring dinner served with a side salad.


Gorgonzola Fig Flatbreads

Serves 4 (dinner/meal) or 8 (appetizer/side)


4 whole-wheat naan (or flatbreads, you can find these in the bakery or produce department at your local grocery store)

1 cup of Gorgonzola cheese

4 black figs

2 Tablespoons of olive oil

4 cups of arugula

2 Tablespoons of balsamic dressing


Preheat the oven to 400º.

Sprinkle the Gorgonzola cheese over each naan (1/4 cup on each naan).  Slice each fig in quarters (leaving the skin on them) and arrange on the naan bread. Drizzle it with olive oil then place it in the oven for 10-15 minutes (until the crust begins to brown and the cheese is completely melted).

Meantime, dress arugula with balsamic dressing.  I recommend tossing it together in a freezer bag to evenly coat all the leaves.  After the flatbreads come out of the oven allow them to cool for 1-2 minutes then slice. Then, top them with the dressed arugula and enjoy.


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