First Farm Share of the Summer

IMG_0377IMG_0385Some of my favorite things about summer is having the free time to cook, having the ability to cook outside, and most of all, having fresh, local and seasonal produce at my dispense.  I was eagerly waiting to finally pick up our first bag of produce from our farm share this week.  My brother and I went to pick another quart of wild strawberries and pick up our bag of veggies in the farm share barn. Needless to say I was the only one excited about this.  He was even more disappointed when he remembered that he had to eat all of it for dinner throughout the next week. IMG_0369


I guess he might have a point. Most people aren’t too extatic about the turnips, cabbages and radishes that populated most of our first pick up.  I, however, look foward to our weekly bag of produce no matter what we receive. I welcome the challenge of trying to make something that my entire family, both adventurous and picky, will enjoy or at least try.


This week our bag of produce included: a quart of strawberries, a napa cabbage, turnips, radishes, a kholrabi, beets, scallions, cooking greens (I chose kale), a head of lettuce, and a bag of mixed salad greens (including baby bok choi and spinach). The collection of produce this week was primarily root vegetables (radishes, turnips, beets) and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, radishes, kholrabi, turnips, and bok choi.

Root vegetables are popular in the winter months but they also provide the same satisfying, nourishing accompaniment to any summer meal.  They offer a good source of energy, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Cruciferous vegetable are rich in disease fighting phytochemicals.  These vegetables provide a substantial source of antioxidants believed to prevent against various forms of cancer.


I am so excited to transform all of our food into dinners this week.  Stay posted for new recipe ideas using some of this seasonal produce.

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