Merci Bocuse

Each student receives a free meal voucher for any of the campus restaurants.  It includes drinks and a three course meal for two people.  I decided to use mine this week at Bocuse.

Each student receives a free meal voucher for any of the campus restaurants. It includes drinks and a three course meal for two people. I decided to use mine this week at Bocuse.

"Cook the way you like, with local, quality products," Bocuse told the students. "This is very important."

“Cook the way you like, with local, quality products,” Bocuse told the students. “This is very important.”

I have not had a lot of downtime to update my blog since i’ve returned from winter break, however, I wanted to update you on my most recent dining experience at the CIA.  Thursday was my first opportunity to eat dinner at Bocuse, the newest restaurant on campus.

The CIA recently renovated their French restaurant formally known as Escoffier.  They decided to re-name the restaurant after the French chef Paul Bocuse, who was recently deemed Chef of the Century.  The CIA’s Bocuse restaurants highlights Chef Bocuse’s cooking style, Nouvelle Cuisine.  The Nouvelle Cuisine movement aimed to lighten and refine traditional French food.  For example, instead of using heavy sauces laden with butter and cream, chefs would substitute vegetable purees.

The food at Bocuse reflects Nouvelle Cuisine by using fresh, local ingredients when possible, light sauces, controlled portion sizes and aesthetically pleasing plate designs. 


Since my cousin was still enjoying a winter break from school I invited her to stay with me for the weekend and share my meal voucher at Bocuse.


The private dining room in Bocuse houses a famous portrait of highly influential French chefs: Roger Verge, Alain Chapel, Louis Outhier, Michel Guerard, Fernand Point, Jean and Pierre Troisgros and Paul Bocuse (the most promianent figure in the painting).


The restaurant offers an impressive selection of wine. When you first walk into the restaurant you can see into the seperate wine room.



On each table there is a box of CIA trivia cards.


We started our dinner with an amuse bouche from the Chef: a lobster bisque shooter with a garlic crouton.


My cousin ordered the famous Black Truffle Soup VGE: beef broth, vegetables, black truffle shavings and puff pastry. It was delicious! I helped her finish it! Paul Bocuse’s truffle soup with puff pastry became famous after he prepared it for a presidential dinner in France.


I ordered their roasted winter squash soup with quail confit and styrian pumpkin seed oil. I loved it!


For dinner I had slow-cooked Guinea Hen with braised leeks, and a green pea-lemongrass puree.


My cousin got Maine sea scallops with parsley root puree, beech mushrooms, petite cabbage and lobster-squid ink sauce for her main meal. The scallops were perfectly cooked.


For dessert we ordered the popular table side ice cream.


They slowly pour the heavy cream and flavoring into a hand crank Kitchen-Aid mixer. Then they add in the liquid nitrogen slowly until the ice cream reaches the perfect consistency.


French press coffee to go with our dessert.


The table side ice cream came with an array of dessert samplers.


“Floating Island”: toasted baguette anglaise with a passion fruit coulis over a marshmallow.


A miniature date cake with a toasted walnut brown sugar sauce.


Coffee-Macadamia macaron


Braised pineapple with a salted butter crumble


Burnt orange ice cream with smoked chocolate sauce, pizelle and caramelized cocoa nibs.


For the remainder of the weekend I took my cousin to my favorite surrounding campus.


For breakfast the next morning I took her to Apple Pie to meet some of my friends.


I had an orange sugar brioche doughnut…


…with a tall iced coffee


I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this pastry that my friend got. It was some kind of puff pastry shell with sweet potatoes, candied pecans and bacon with an almond meringue topping.


Later on that day we went to Bread Alone in Rhinebeck for lunch and shopping.


We both got my favorite mozzarella and pesto sandwich with oven-dried tomatoes on their multi-grain ciabatta.


A trip to Rhinebeck would be incomplete without stopping for some gelato. I got espresso and sour cherry gelato.

This week I will be finishing my first semester at the CIA!! This week I will finish Culinary Fundamentals and move into Meat and Seafood Identification and Fabrication. I hope to have an update by the end of the week on how my classes concluded.