IMG_8161Hi, my name is Laura. I am a food lover and current student enrolled at The Culinary Institute of America. Ever since I was young I have always been encouraged to help wherever I can in the kitchen, but I never thought that I would pursue a career in the food industry. This blog began initially in high school as an independent senior project to showcase my food writing and photography. It consisted primarily of food essays, original recipes, recipe reviews, interviews with local chefs and book reviews. While you can still find my former posts from high school my most recent blog posts chronicle my experience at the CIA: classes, chefs, and events happening in the Hudson Valley!


Why the name Cheftell? Friedemann Paul Erhardt was considered one of the first television/celebrity chefs. The name Chef Tell became a nickname that was later adopted by Erhardt’s fans.  I decided to use the title Cheftell as a play on words for my blog because it is comprised of food discussions, essays and interviews all sharing stories about food and the culinary industry.