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In the Weeds

It is fair to say that I’ve left my blog on the back burner for quite awhile now. As we say here at The Culinary, “I’m sorry Chef. I’m in the weeds!”  My second… Continue reading

Hudson Valley Weekend

I can’t complain.  I’m living the life here as a foodie in the Hudson Valley. This past weekend, like every weekend at the Culinary, is food-centric. Friday after class, some friends and I… Continue reading


  I always questioned why The Culinary was located in such a remote place – why not in NYC near some of the world’s top restaurants? Why the Hudson Valley?  Well I don’t know… Continue reading

“All drains lead to the ocean…”

“All drains lead to the ocean…” sound familiar? Surprisingly enough, our chef related lesson one of Fish class back to the beloved Pixar classic, Finding Nemo. I’ll be honest.  After the first day… Continue reading

Meatless Monday

The pungent aroma of fish at 5:30 in the morning was enough to remind me that I was no longer in meats class.  The snow flaking from the air vents in the fish… Continue reading

Pig’s Heart Pastrami, Phytoplankton, Pea Shoots: A Weekend at Blue Hill Stone Barns

This past Saturday morning my friend and I were walking into the courtyard at Blue Hill at Stone Barns frantically looking for the kitchen entrance for our first ever stage.  After my Fundamentals… Continue reading

Meat ID and Fab

Finishing Fundies

There is such a defined culture here at The Culinary.  At this point I can’t imagine my life before attending the CIA. I have become so immersed in the culture here that even… Continue reading

Food and Family

Happy New Year!! I have neglected to update my blog recently, because I decided to spend my winter break catching up with my family and close friends.  I hope that your holidays were… Continue reading

Apples to Apples

Even though my classes continue to grow more challenging, I find them to be more exciting and rewarding every day.  This week in in my fundamentals class we transitioned from making one item… Continue reading