Happy Birthday!

My brother’s birthday happens to fall during the busiest week of the year. I wanted to make his birthday dinner but I also wanted to make sure that it was simple.  For dinner I set… Continue reading

Bread and Butter

I was intrigued to make homemade bread after reading the opening chapter of Micheal Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  He describes how as a culture America has shied away from eating bread in recent years… Continue reading

Dress to Impress

Need a cookie platter to bring to your holiday gathering? This cookie is sure to impress! My grandmother gave me her linzer cookie cutters a week ago so I decided to give them… Continue reading

Easy Last Minute Gift Idea

Need a last minute gift idea for the holidays? These Oreo truffles couldn’t be simpler!  Give them out to friends or use as a hostess gift! Try this recipe I got from my… Continue reading

Great day for gelato!

With all this rainy, freezing weather it is really starting to feel like winter.  I couldn’t help but wish for sunny, warm weather…and what’s more summer than ice cream…or gelato? What’s the difference… Continue reading

Step up your boxed brownies!

I was inspired to try this idea a couple of years ago after watching an episode of Giada De Laurentiis where she mixed heated jam into her brownies.  Ever since I have been able… Continue reading

It beets me!

If you’re like me you like to have something crunchy along with a sandwich for lunch, whether it be a crisp apple or a bag of pretzels.  My recent favorite is beet chips. … Continue reading

Spinach Smoothie

It’s that time of year where everywhere you look you are surrounded by heaping plates of holiday cookies and endless decadent desserts.  It is no surprise that this month I have a lot… Continue reading

Eat your Brussels sprouts!

“Eat your Brussels sprouts!” I’m sure you have heard this at least once in your life.  This is because people fear Brussels sprouts for whatever reason. Of all vegetables they have the worst… Continue reading

What makes us crave comfort food?

There is something about the sizzling corkscrew noodles coated in a silky layer of sharp cheddar that warms me to the core and always sends me back for another scoop.  I crave the… Continue reading