Suspicious about Scallions

An interesting fact I recently learned from my Cooks Illustrated is that scallions grow back if you cut them down to where the green meets the white root end.  I was skeptical yet… Continue reading

Sunday Soup and Sandwich

To me there is nothing more comforting on a cold New England night then a piping bowl of soup and a crispy grilled cheese… so here is my recipe for a twist on… Continue reading

What to do with all those leftovers?

At the end of every week my family’s fridge is plagued by stacks of half-empty Tupperware containers.  Leftovers are not always the most intriguing thing to find when you love to cook.  Ideally… Continue reading


Redemption is the theme of this seasons Iron Chef; each contestant on the show is competing again to be the next Iron Chef.  Each one of them has already been a competitor on… Continue reading