Breakfast of Champions

It takes an iron stomach to be able to sample fish chowder at seven o’clock in the morning. Until this week I have had no problem eating savory, rich French food early in… Continue reading

No Place Like Home

I’ve been at school now for a little over a month and everyday I feel more and more at home here.  However, this weekend I decided to go home home to visit some family and… Continue reading

Life Along the Hudson

Last weekend my parents and brothers came up to visit me.  It was great to see them after being away for a month.  We spent the weekend eating at local restaurants and checking… Continue reading

New York City Food and Wine

Since I moved to New York last month I’ve been eager to get to the city. Most chefs at our school claim it is the only place to be if you are serious… Continue reading

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Actually, time flies when you are doing what you love.  Although at times it seems like the hand on the clock moves backwards during math class, days seem to go by like hours… Continue reading

Going Local in the Hudson Valley

Only at the CIA will you find students waking up early to drive into a nearby town for their infamous farmer’s market or students fighting to try the last few lemon cucumbers in… Continue reading

“Pros Not Schmos”

I’ve always considered myself a morning person. However, early took on a whole new meaning this week when my team and I had to wake up before 5:00 to haul 140 plus pounds… Continue reading

My First Weekend at the CIA

This weekend my roommate and I woke up and realized that our room gets very bright and sunny even with the shades. We realized this before realizing that it was our first time… Continue reading

First Week!

I can’t believe that I have already been at the CIA for a week.  Although the week at times felt like one safety lecture after another by Thursday, I was already standing in… Continue reading


Only one week left until I start at the Culinary Institute of America!!!  I have been very busy lately packing and enjoying the last few days of summer but I wanted to squeeze… Continue reading